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We cover all national elections in the EU and so far in 2017 the polls and especially their aggregated and weighted average has proven to be an accurately calibrated compass for the actual election results. We will keep on updating the polls and cover also the elections next year including the much anticipated Italian election.

2017 included the polls for the Dutch Election on 15th of March, the French Presidential election, its run-off and the French legislative election between April and June, the British general election (snap election) on the 6th of June, the German federal election in September, the Austrian legislative election on the 15th and the Czech legislative election on the 20th and 21st of October.

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pollofpolls.eu is a private initiative by three data nerds, who want to offer aggregated polling data for upcoming elections in Europe. Slick design, up to date and comprehensive for anyone looking for the most recent polling numbers and their aggregation. We are not fivethirtyeight yet, but everyone must start at the bottom. We are based in Vienna, Austria, in the middle of the EU with its many difficulties and political disputes going on, and by tracking the political polls we try to give you one option to keep pace with the public mood. We are very aware that polls are far from showing the actual full picture, and we therefore see them rather as a very good compass, especially when aggregated. Last but not least, we invest our free time and apologize for possibly occurring bugs or errors.

Contact: Follow us on Twitter for updates and more. We also look forward to your feedback, questions or funny gifs, which you can send us via Email contact@pollofpolls.eu.

Disclosure: PollOfPolls - pollofpolls.eu is a polling data project based in Vienna, Austria.