Poll of Polls for Italy - General elections in 2018

We are happy to present to you the newest addition to our polling data aggregation project pollofpolls.eu: Our poll-tracker for the next Italian parliamentary election. Visit the country page by clicking on the IT button above. The #elezioni2018 in Italy has to be held no later than May 2018, after the current parliamentary term ends in March 2018. At the moment the populist party "5 Star Movement" founded by the former comedian Beppo Grillo and now headed by Luigi Di Maio is leading in the polls. The Social Democrats from the PD (Democratic Party) under the leadership of Matteo Renzi, who was Prime Minister of Italy from 2014 until he stepped down after Italians voted against the constitutional referendum that he supported in late 2016, is in second place currently. The four-time Prime Minister and populist businessman-politician Silvio Berlusconi is determined to run again with his Forza Italia (former PdL, former Forza Italia), despite the fact that he is banned from public office until 2019 due to Italian anti-corruption laws and his conviction for tax fraud. His party is at the moment polling in fourth place behind the right-wing Lega Nord, a long-time ally of Berlusconi's FI.

On the left, splinters from the PD and other left-wing parties launched the LeU, an alliance of MDP and SI, which in turn was a merger of the SEL and other leftist groups. The LeU leader and candidate for Prime Minister is Pietro Grasso, President of the Senate and former anti-Mafia prosecutor. The Christian-democratic and centre-right parties NCD and UdC had launched the AP-alliance in March 2017 but the list already dissolved in December 2017 again with some of the members supporting the PD while other joining the centre-right coalition.

In Italy, traditionally, the parties form political alliances, referred to as coalitions in the run-up to the general elections. At the moment the parties can be assigned to four main political camps: Centre-left, Centre-right, M5S and LeU

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